Restful Sleep Stone Kit

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Use these crystals together, individually or in groups with intention to aid in falling asleep, alleviating nightmares, understanding insights from dreams and to amplify the healing process during sleep. 

Red Jasper: Aids in dream recall. Stabilizes the aura and grounds energy, allowing problems to come to your awareness. Amplifies the healing process that takes place during sleep.

Bloodstone: Stimulates dreaming and revitalizes the body and mind. Promotes improved blood-flow and enhances detoxification.

Blue Howlite: Combats insomnia and aids in dream recall. Helps to understand insights brought forth in dreams. Relaxes an overactive mind. Assists with manifesting out-of-body experiences and accessing information from past lives.

Lapis Lazuli: Cultivates deep sleep and is a powerful tool for performing dream work. Stimulates enlightenment and provides protection for spiritual journeying.

Amethyst: Connects to intuition and facilities reception of new insights while in deep sleep states.

Sodalite: Calms the mind to defend against running thoughts which make falling asleep a challenge.

Smoky Quartz: Offers protection and wards off nightmares. Manifests your dreams and neutralizes stress. Dissolves negative emotions.


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