About Opal Aura

Opal Aura is a traveling crystal shop with broad outreach to provide great deals on stones and other items rare and common alike. The love of sacred earth stones and energetic healing here is genuine. Follow us to meet us in your area and pick from our collection or buy online to get a head start on using the power of crystal energy. All purchases come with a personal note with ideas about how to use your stones for achieving your intentions in line with the highest good.

Our mission is to bring the right tools to awareness for others to use on their physical and spiritual journey. Crystals and utilizing their natural vibratory frequencies for healing is where we specialize. We support and promote local artists worldwide and will work to create a broader channel for them to share their work with others.

If you have requests for a particular stone or form (shape, texture, etc.) or anything else not shown on the website, please email us at opalaurarockshop@gmail.com so we can get to work finding the right pieces for you!